Erik de Soir From War related Traumatic Stress to traumatic grief or PTSD

 Erik de Soir From War related Traumatic Stress to traumatic grief or PTSD

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The webinar was held in 9 th of April 2022 

Short abstract of the event

In this webinar, Erik de Soir will start from historical aspects on psychological trauma from a hermeneutic and classical perspective and work toward understanding of psychological trauma as a dissociative disorder in the first place.

The old European history with its myths, tales and stories, like other cultures, is full of trauma accounts and detailed descriptions of trauma symptoms (a.o. the epic of Gilgamesh, Homer’s Ilyad, Achilles and The Trojan War, The Medusa Tale, The Odyssee, Samuel Peppy’s diary, Shakespeare’s Henry IV – Part I, etc). Some of these descriptions were already very accurate from a phenomenological point of view.

During this webinar, the work of Freud, Ferenczi, Janet, Charcot, Tardieu, and other early trauma specialists will be revisited before introducing the theory of trauma-related structural dissociation of the personality which has been developed on the basis of the WWI field logbooks and clinical observations of Charles Myers.

Clinical observations from WWI indicated the breaking up or split up of the personality as the core of psychotrauma where dissociation is both seen as the mechanism of splitting of and the set of typical symptoms appearing in trauma surviors.

The powerful metaphor of animal reactions – the analysis of prey versus predator behavior – offers a phenomenological understanding of what happens in trauma survivors.

These insights will offer unique insight about war trauma and lead to the model of fase-oriented treatment of trauma survivors who experienced the war.

About Speaker:

Major (Ret) Erik de Soir is a Doctor in Psychology (Utrecht University) and a Doctor in Social and Military Sciences (Royal Military Academy). He owns a Postgraduate Degree in Disaster Management & Disaster Medicine,  a Postgraduate Psychotherapy Training in Systemic Marital, Family & Sex Therapy, a Postgraduate Psychotherapy Training in Hypnotherapy and extensive training in psychotrauma therapy & counselling.

Erik de Soir created the first Belgian Model for Psychosocial Support of Peacekeeping Operations for Traumatic Stress Management in the military and rescue services. He regularly participated in peace support operations in Somalia, Croatia and Bosnia. He is also both a certified firefighter and a paramedic and serves as a volunteer fire psychologist in the Regional Fire & Ambulance Brigade of Leopoldsburg.

As a trauma psychologist and mental coach, he assisted personnel from special forces units from army and police in the fight against Jihadist terrorists.

He is currently the President of the Flemish Scientific Association for Hypnosis ( for which he provides professional training for mental coaches for peak performance.


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The language: English with consecutive translation to Ukrainian

Our interpreter : Oksana Lizak

We made a video recording of this webinar.